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With a unique set of skills and experience, Gishen Consulting can provide a wide range of practically oriented technology and business improvement services.

Specialising in the wine industry, we can assist in developing real and practical solutions for quality improvement, with a commitment to maximising benefit.

Gishen Consulting offers a broad range of skills that can be customised into packaged services to assist individual businesses in three main areas:


We have the experience and skills to provide you with specialist technical expertise, including:

  • Wine technology – specialist troubleshooting and technology investigation skills when you need them (e.g. causes of spoilage, accelerated oxidation)
  • Packaging and closures – experienced in research and production environments (e.g. planning and evaluation of in-house trials; investigation of packaging line performance)
  • Process innovation and improvement – strategies and actions to improve efficiency and quality (e.g. pre-feasibility study of alternative technologies)
  • Laboratory design & wine product analysis procedures – design, develop and improve (e.g. concept facility design; wine testing protocols)
  • Spectroscopy – specialisation, implementation and training (e.g. training in calibration; development of practical protocols; data investigation)
  • Technology development and commercialisation – turn knowledge into practical application (e.g. deployment of new equipment; new product development; developing objective grape payment schemes)


We can provide services that help you better manage your business systems, with experience in diverse projects including HACCP food safety through to Carbon Neutrality. 

  • Sustainability – measure and improve energy, water and carbon costs (e.g. carbon footprint; life cycle analysis; system auditing; technology implementation)
  • Systems – training, development, documentation, implementation, and internal auditing (e.g. for Food safety (HACCP), Quality, Laboratory, Environmental (Freshcare, ISO14001))
  • Innovation and strategy – project management and planning (e.g. evaluation of research and adoption strategies; technical communications and training)


Let us help you in gaining the most from your R&D efforts, for example, in locating technical solutions, defining your research goals, or even helping you design and manage your own trials; expertise when you need it and in complete confidence.

  • Knowledge management – Smart planning to ensure that maximum benefit can be gained from your corporate technical knowledge (e.g. collation and interpretation of multi-site sustainability performance data)
  • Data mining – Maximise value from research trials or industry-wide benchmark data through interpretation with statistical validity (e.g. evaluation of production trends; training workshops)
  • Communication – development of industry relevant information (e.g. major project summaries)
  • Technology investigations – insight into potential business benefits of existing and new technologies (e.g. investigation of winery sanitisation processes)

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